Daniel Snowden

Daniel Snowden

Daniel Snowden, a Harrisburg native and an accomplished athlete, has spent his life caring for his family and fighting any battle that came his way. Daniel has dealt with kidney failure his whole life, ultimately requiring him to be placed on the transplant waiting list. After waiting for two years, a match was finally found for Daniel.

Thanks to his donor, Daniel can now spend time with his niece and nephew down in Florida and keep up with them without his health wearing him down. Daniel stresses the importance of family communication and encourages people to share what they want in life with their loved ones. Prior to his health setbacks, Daniel ran cross country and participated in track and field. Now healthy, he’s carried on his love for sports by competing in the Donate Life Transplant Games of America, where he has participated in volleyball, basketball, bowling, and track and field. Daniel will compete again this summer and is grateful to have the chance to continue playing the sports that he cherishes so dearly.

Daniel serves as a strong advocate for organ donation, specifically in the minority community. He says, “There is such a need – in the minority community especially – for people who are waiting for a transplant. We need to step up to the plate and meet this need.”

Daniel continues to thank his donor every single day, sharing, “I am just so grateful for the unselfishness of my donor’s monumental decision. I’m one of the many people that my donor helped.”

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