Youth Education Information

Gift of Life Donor Program and Center for Organ Recovery & Donation (CORE) work with high schools and colleges to educate students about organ and tissue donation. Programs offer a variety of ways for teachers and students to share information, including guest speakers, workshops, volunteer opportunities and other educational materials.

The Organ Tissue Donation Awareness Project

The mission of the Organ Tissue Donation Awareness Project (OTDA) is to educate Pennsylvania secondary school students about organ and tissue donation. OTDA offers teachers a step-by-step toolkit to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills needed to understand the donation process. Visit the OTDA website to learn more.

High School and College Educational Programs

CORE and Gift of Life encourage high school teachers to share information on organ and tissue donation with their students and offer programs to help get students involved. To schedule a program at your school, please contact the Community Relations department at Gift of Life by calling 800-DONORS-1 or the community outreach team at CORE by calling 800-DONORS-7.

Both also work with area colleges to educate students about organ and tissue donation, offering educational presentations, guest speakers and other educational programs.

Learn more about Gift of Life programs for high school students.

Learn more about CORE programs for high school students.

CORE Donation Awareness Programs

CORE offers educational presentations to schools, civic and religious groups and many other types of audiences. During one of these presentations, a CORE staff member and/or volunteer will explain the key points about organ and tissue donation and dispel some of its widespread myths and misconceptions.

CORE will also host an informational table at your event, staffed by a CORE volunteer who can answer questions about organ, cornea and tissue donation as well as register new donors.

All CORE outreach programs are free of charge. To request a presentation or information table, call 800-DONORS-7.

Learn more about CORE donation awareness programs.

Spirit for Life School Summits

Spirit for Life Student Summits offer high school teachers and students a unique and exciting day of workshops designed to train students as ambassadors for organ and tissue donation and to receive grants for educational programming in their schools. These summits are open to all area high schools in Philadelphia, and give students the opportunity to listen to personal stories of donor families and transplant recipients, watch educational presentations and develop and implement organ donation-themed activities. Learn more about Spirit for Life School Summits.