Joe Mansaray

After being diagnosed with a hereditary heart condition that took his mother’s life, Joe shares his story about receiving a

Brenda Tate

To save the life of her brother, Brenda started a kidney chain that included eight donors and eight lives saved.

Faith and Julie Kilkeary

Born with a severe heart defect, Faith and her mother share her journey to a life-saving heart transplant.

Zachary Zozula and Jackie Bartlett

From friends to sharing an inseparable bond, Zachary and Jackie share their story.

Arlinda Griffith and Mary Smith

Two strangers are now best friends thanks to a shared connection.

Vicky Keene

Lung recipient Vicky recalls her daily struggles waiting for a transplant and the second chance she was given.

Quinn Santini

At just 2 weeks old, Quinn was put on the transplant waiting list to receive a new heart.

Brian Zionts-Bernstein

Diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, Brian shares his journey to his double-lung transplant.

2021 PA Donor Day

Pennsylvania's second annual PA Donor Day encourages Pennsylvanians to register as organ and tissue donors.

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