Zach Reesey

Zach Reesey
York, PA
Pediatric Heart Recipient

At just 4 years old, Zach Reesey was faced with the fight of his life after being diagnosed with a rare illness and having a stroke that left him hospital bound in March 2020.

The illness, Kawasaki disease, caused inflammation in Zach’s body and the only possible treatment was a heart transplant.

Zach’s mom, Sarah Reesey, worried that in height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with hospitals reducing transplant procedures, her son’s wait for a new heart would be prolonged.

In early August 2020, after months of patience, Sarah got the best news of her life. The doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had found the perfect match for Zach.

Within hours of receiving the news, Zach was in surgery. His mom and dad were relieved.

Even with his struggles ahead recovering from his surgery and stroke, Zach was able to finally be a normal kid after half a year of lying in a hospital bed.

Sarah, who is a nurse herself at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, said that she will always be grateful for the outpouring of support for her son during their darkest time. “I will never forget the donor who saved Zach’s life. We are so grateful for the gift of life and want to share his story so others will know the impact they have when they register to be an organ donor.”

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