Victor Wilson

February 28, 2023

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Airforce veteran volunteers with support group and CORE after heart transplant

Even a heart transplant can’t slow down Victor Wilson of Pittsburgh.

The Air Force veteran and active firefighter found himself in need of a heart transplant after experiencing congestive heart failure for six years. Fortunately, due to his active lifestyle, he did not see a significant decline until right before his transplant.

“I had been active, fit, and independent my whole life, and a view of me not being able to do what I have done my whole life, that shook me,” he said.

Wilson received a heart from a donor hero Aug. 31, 2016 at Allegheny General Hospital.

He’s since been an active member of the hospital’s heart support group and volunteers his time with the Center for Organ Recovery and Education. As someone with first-hand transplant experience, he spreads hope and advice for those on the waiting list, and has since become a registered organ donor himself.

“After going through everything I went through and my surgery was over and I was first able to get out to walk, that was one of the first things I had my wife do was take me to the DMV and had it put on my license,” Wilson shared.

As for the future, Wilson – who was training for a masters level basketball team before his diagnosis – wants to compete in the Transplant Games in basketball and running events. He appreciates his second chance to live an active lifestyle again.