Ta’Mar Ellensworth

September 30, 2022

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Ta’Mar Ellensworth

Ta’Mar Ellensworth was completing some course work when she began experiencing back pain and trouble breathing. She soon found herself in the emergency room, suffering from strange symptoms that were puzzling to doctors. After seeing multiple specialists, she received her diagnosis of Sarcoidosis at the Temple Lung Center in Philadelphia, a leader in diagnosing and treating lung problems. She was able to treat it with medication for years, but needed a transplant to survive.

To keep her healthy long enough to receive a transplant, Temple used a new technique called ECMO to oxygenate her blood and provide support for both the heart and lungs. Finally, a set of lungs were found for Ta’Mar.

Ta’Mar now lives a happy and healthy life, thanks to her donor hero. She stays active through weight training, her favorite hobby. She advocates for organ and tissue donation as a volunteer ambassador with the Gift of Life Donor Program and mentors transplant recipients through the Lung Transplant Foundation.

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