Sebastian Plummer

Sebastian Plummer

When Sebastian “Bash” Plummer, a star athlete and caring friend, passed away after a tragic car accident, he left a life-saving legacy.

As Sebastian’s mother, Karen Bush, grieved the loss of her only child, she made the generous decision to donate Sebastian’s organs, tissue, and corneas, saving dozens of lives. “It was the right thing to do,” Karen says.

To honor Sebastian’s legacy, Mural Arts Philadelphia painted a mural across from Sebastian’s former high school that pays tribute to Sebastian and his friend Mike Jacoby, who also passed away from the accident. Described as teammates on and off the field, the mural depicts Sebastian and Mike with halos above their heads and a football field in the background, along with a message reminding people of the importance of seatbelt safety.

When asked about the mural, Karen describes it as “a beautiful way to honor the lives of Sebastian and Mike.” Karen carries on Sebastian’s legacy by spreading awareness for organ and tissue donation while volunteering for Gift of Life Donor Program.

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