Randolph Rahming

January 21, 2022

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Randolph Rahming
Heart Recipient

With a long family history of heart disease, Bahamas native Randolph Rahming spent his young adult life attempting to remain healthy by running three to five miles a day.

Randolph, who now resides in Philadelphia, knew he had to keep his heart strong, as ten of his family members were affected by heart health issues. His mother and his 35-year-old brother even died due to them.

Despite his healthy lifestyle, in his late 30s Randolph’s heart began to deteriorate, and he eventually went into heart failure. He struggled to walk and couldn’t make it up stairs.

In 2014, after spending a month in the hospital, a matching donor heart was available for him.

Today, Randolph is incredibly grateful his second chance at life. He’s now a father and is healthy enough to live a normal life.

“My life after my transplant was like night to day. Getting a heart transplant was like walking out of the fog and coming into the sunlight.”

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