Pastor Donald Tucker

October 17, 2022

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Pastor Donald Tucker
Liver Recipient and Pastor Becomes Strong Advocate For Organ and Tissue Donation

Pastor Donald Tucker was at a routine physical when his doctor noticed a suspicious spot on his liver and recommended it should be checked. The spot grew quickly, and he was told he needed a transplant as soon as possible.

Now, after 15 years and a successful liver transplant, Pastor Tucker continues to pay the lifesaving gift he received forward. A strong advocate for organ and tissue donation, Pastor Tucker urges those who are not registered to get involved. “Give!” he says. “We desperately need it for those who are still waiting.”

He regularly visits hospitals to talk with recipients about the healing journey and prays with those in his church who are currently waiting on a lifesaving transplant. He thanks his donor family everyday and wants them to know that “their child lives on through him.”

An organ donor’s story goes on and on. So can yours. Register today to change lives tomorrow.