John Standard

January 21, 2022

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John Standard
Pittsburgh, PA
Husband of organ donor

After losing his wife Denise in 2015, John Standard realized that even through his grief, there was also a blessing.

As a registered organ donor in Pennsylvania, Denise left behind a heroic legacy by donating her organs and saving the lives of two others. Through a directed donation, Denise was able to donate a kidney to her brother, and her liver was donated to a veteran at the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Every day, John looks at his brother-in-law and sees the difference that Denise made in his life. It was through her selflessness that John realized just how important it is to care for others. He tells everyone that if they can donate their organs to save a life, they should do it.

“I don’t think we were created to be individuals who just look out for ourselves,” he explained. “My wife believed that too.”

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