John Branton

John Branton
Philadelphia, PA
Liver transplant recipient

In 2007, John Branton was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease. A short time later, he received the call that would change his life. He received a life-saving liver transplant from a selfless organ donor.

“My donor saved my life, and I am very grateful for that,” he said. “A lot of us don’t just get better. I got to go back to that guy I was before I got sick. I’ve really had a wonderful life since my transplant.”

John has been a volunteer speaker for Gift of Life since he received a liver transplant 13 years ago and has served as a Family House volunteer shuttle driver for over five years.

“The conversations that go on in the shuttle are oftentimes very emotional,” says John. “Not everyone winds up with a good outcome. So those kinds of conversations are tough. But even when it’s disappointing news, it’s better to share it with other people who can empathize and understand what you’re going through.”