Ines Brady

Ines Brady
Pittsburgh, PA
Wife of a donor

Ines Brady’s husband, Michael, was only 60 when he collapsed and died at the dining room table. That night, he made good on a commitment he’d made years before after being inspired after a friend’s passing.

“We had lost our friend and we went to the funeral home and got these green bracelets and Donate Life pins,” said Brady. “My husband put that green bracelet on and never took it off — like never took it off. Being an organ donor, it’s a legacy that you leave for your loved ones. It’s not only for the people that need your organs. It has become a legacy of my husband’s. It was his last gift, and it’s continuing to give.”

The sudden loss of Michael has been emotionally challenging for Ines and their family, but she feels comforted in her grief knowing Michael’s decision to be an organ and tissue donor has saved and enhanced many lives through his selfless commitment.