Heather Leverington

October 18, 2021

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Heather Leverington
Centre County, PA
Double lung transplant

After battling her health for a decade and nearly losing hope of becoming a mother, Heather Leverington celebrated her first Mother’s Day this past May.

In 2008, the Centre County native was diagnosed with polymyositis, a rare inflammatory disease that attacks the lungs, and spent eight years on the transplant waiting list before eventually receiving new lungs in November 2016.

This April, she and her husband welcomed their first child, Asher, into the world.

“It’s so hard to describe because I am so grateful for my donor and her family for saying yes to organ donation,” Heather said. “To give me a second chance at life, a chance to be a mother, something that I thought wasn’t going to happen for me.”

Heather now acts as an organ donation advocate and shares her story to encourage others to save lives.

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