Eli Bussotti

August 24, 2021

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Eli Bussotti
Tarentum, PA
Organ donor

Friends and family describe Eli Bussotti as compassionate with a larger-than-life personality, so it is no surprise that the 17-year-old from Tarentum, PA, was able to make a difference, even after his tragic death in October 2018.

As a registered organ donor in Pennsylvania, Eli was able to save eight lives including the life of Chad Ravotti who lives just five miles away from Eli’s family. Eli’s parents were able to meet Chad, the recipient of Eli’s kidney and pancreas, which was a meaningful milestone for both families.

“It makes my heart so full — it’s immeasurable,” Eli’s father, David Bussotti, says about the meeting. “I realize my son is not coming back, but I can find happiness and love and so much positivity because of what has happened with Chad and the other recipients.”

“Joy (Eli’s mother) and David shared photos and stories of Eli, and we laughed and cried together,” Chad added. “They’re like family now. I am forever grateful to Eli and his parents for giving me the gift of life, and the ability to live on and pay that gift forward.”

Eli’s courage and selflessness will never be forgotten, and his family will always be comforted by the difference that he made through the gift of organ donation.

“Since my transplant surgery, I’ve walked my oldest daughter down the aisle, welcomed my first grandchild, celebrated my son’s college graduation, and watched my youngest daughter enroll in a pre-medical program in college. She wants to be a surgeon after being inspired by Eli and the amazing transplant doctors and nurses who cared for me on my remarkable journey. I am truly humbled.”

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