Cynthia London

Cynthia London
Philadelphia, PA
Mother of a donor

Cynthia London lost her son, Sipho, in 1997. Through his death, Sipho was able to gift six other people with a second chance at life. Cynthia now refers to herself as “the voice of those who are waiting,” and after all these years, her work is still not done.

For 22 years, inspired by Sipho’s dream of becoming a teacher, Cynthia has honored Sipho and his legacy by dedicating herself to educating others about organ donation.

A former Governing Board member, she started to work with Gift of Life through its multicultural outreach initiatives, speaking with churches and schools, and at community events promoting organ donation. She has spoken at almost every hospital in the Philadelphia area and has volunteered at every major Gift of Life event over the years, serving as one of their most active advocates for organ donation.

In addition to her work with Gift of Life, she is very active in her church ― St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Philadelphia, where she serves on Church Counsel and the homeless feeding ministry. She is a devoted mother, proud grandmother and dear friend to so many.