Brian Reyes

September 26, 2023

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Brian Reyes moved from Puerto Rico to Pittsburgh with his wife, Yadira, and daughter, Arya, to wait for a “superhero,” as his toddler needs a multivisceral transplant, which is a large intestine transplant.

The family joined the annual A Special Place ceremony which CORE holds to honor donor families to pay respect and reflect on the lives of donors and the lives they saved and healed. Participants hear stories from donor families who wish to honor the legacy of donors and recipients who share how organ donation has touched their lives.

“How can something so amazing like giving life, giving someone another chance be ignored,” Brian said at the ceremony as his wife and Arya, who turns 2 this September, joined him onstage. “Now we know that there are 100,000 families across the nation just like us that are waiting for their superhero, too.”

During Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s important to recognize the need for lifesaving organ transplants amongst the Hispanic community. We encourage you to have a conversation with your loved ones about donation and make sure that you share your wish to save and heal lives through donation one day. Learn more about it at