Amy Hill

Amy Hill
Philadelphia, PA
Wife and daughter of organ donors

Amy Hill has a special place in her heart for organ donation as a two-time donor family. Her husband, Dave, was always a giver as a volunteer firefighter, EMS and youth leader at church. When Dave passed away, he continued to give as an organ donor, following in the footsteps of Amy’s mother, who donated her corneas and kidneys when she passed away in 1996.

She recalls a time when she and Dave went to renew their driver’s licenses, and Dave asked her why she wasn’t a registered organ donor. Amy realized she didn’t have a good answer or reason not to be, so she registered. On their drive home, Dave explained how important it was to him and the impact it can have on the lives of so many others.

To this day, Amy takes great pride in her husband’s dedication to giving to others, even at the end of his life. Through sharing her own personal experience, Amy continues to encourage others to register as an organ donor and make a difference.

An organ donor’s story goes on and on. So can yours. Register today to change lives tomorrow.