Amanda Washek

Amanda Washek
Pittsburgh, PA
Liver transplant recipient

Amanda Washek was given the chance to celebrate her first Mother’s Day as a mother herself thanks to a life-saving living donor liver transplant from a high school friend.

In Amanda’s words, “I received my living donor liver transplant in August of 2015. I was listed for transplant in September of 2014 and after a few months of becoming sicker without climbing up the list much, my doctor suggested seeking a living donor. I was resistant but soon came around to the idea due to desperation, and a dear friend from high school heard of my need and stepped up for testing.”

Fortunately, her close friend was a perfect match. Shortly after, Amanda had her transplant done at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Amanda felt supported by a “fabulous team” at the hospital throughout the entire process and is still followed closely by her team today.

The new mom reflects on her donor experience with a grateful heart, “Every single day I look at my daughter in awe that she is able to exist. As we approached my first Mother’s Day as a mother, it was on my mind even more. I feel so blessed to be alive let alone have Juniper, whom my now healthy body was able to carry and now nourish, raise and love. I look forward to the years ahead with my precious family, all because my donor stepped up and laid her life on the line for me.”