Melvin Protzman

Melvin Protzman After losing her 24-year-old son, Brian, in a car accident, Mary Grace Hensell was overwhelmed with grief. It

Curtis Upsher

Curtis Upsher Curtis Upsher, Jr. was a giver in life – as a community leader in Pittsburgh – and in

Chris Dempsey

Chris Dempsey Chris Dempsey, a Harrisburg resident who works for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, was on the organ waitlist for

Derek Fitzgerald

Derek Fitzgerald Derek Fitzgerald, of Doylestown, received a heart transplant in 2011 after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which resulted

Brian Rath

Brian Rath Brian Rath, a husband and father of two, recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of his transplant by running

Ryan & Heather McNamara

Ryan & Heather McNamara Ryan and Heather McNamara already had two daughters when Heather became pregnant with their third child-

Nancy Douglass

Nancy Douglass Nancy Douglass, an inspiring therapist and social worker, has spent her life helping others who struggle with drug

Janet Dennis

Janet Dennis The transplant journey of Janet Dennis shows that even someone leading a healthy and active life can need

Alecia McFadden

Alecia McFadden Alecia McFadden, a strong mother and determined transplant recipient, was told by doctors for most of her life