Rockland Harvey

Rockland Harvey Pittsburgh, PA Pediatric cornea recipient Rockland Harvey has been through more than most people in a lifetime. Born

Abudl-Kareem Salahuddin

Abudl-Kareem Salahuddin Philadelphia, PA Liver recipient After spending over a year in the hospital, 60-year-old Abudl-Kareem Salahuddin was able to

Shelly Spagnoli

Shelly Spagnoli Hollidaysburg, PA DMV Appreciation As a photo technician at a DMV, Shelly Spagnoli asks people every day if

Patricia Rivera

Patricia Rivera Pittsburgh, PA Pediatric Patient on the Transplant Waiting List Friends and family describe Eli Bussotti as compassionate with

Susan McVey-Dillon

Susan McVey-Dillon Downingtown, PA Donor mom In June 1995, Susan McVey Dillon rushed to the hospital when she heard the

Eli Bussotti

Eli Bussotti Tarentum, PA Organ donor Friends and family describe Eli Bussotti as compassionate with a larger-than-life personality, so it

Nico Salvio

Nico Salvio Greensburg, PA Pediatric heart recipient Before Nico Salvio learned how to walk, he had already survived two open-heart

John Standard

John Standard Pittsburgh, PA Husband of organ donor After losing his wife Denise in 2015, John Standard realized that even

Keith Bubba Wagner

Keith Bubba Wagner Lancaster County, PA Kidney transplant recipient In June of 2014, Keith “Bubba” Wagner, a young boy from