Sophie Dernar

Sophie Dernar Erie, PA Heart Donor When Sophie Dernar tragically died in a biking accident in 2016, she was about

Zach Reesey

Zach Reesey York, PA Pediatric Heart Recipient At just 4 years old, Zach Reesey was faced with the fight of

Paul Sciullo

Paul Sciullo Pittsburgh, PA Tissue Donor In life and in death, Paul Sciullo wanted to make a difference in his

Amy Hill

Amy Hill Philadelphia, PA Wife and daughter of organ donors Amy Hill has a special place in her heart for

Timmy Nelson

Timmy Nelson West Chester, PA Kidney transplant patient Gwendolyn was just 20 years old when she died. She was an

Dr. Herman Jones

Dr. Herman Jones Pittsburgh, PA Dialysis patient on waiting list Dr. Herman Jones, a 70-year-old activist, husband and father, has

Kelly Schmidt & Rok Hyon

Kelly Schmidt & Rok Hyon Philadelphia, PA Living kidney donor and recipient When Kelly Schmidt suddenly lost her mother in

Cheryl Eshenour

Cheryl Eshenour Hershey, PA Mother of organ donor Cheryl Eshenour, dedicated wife and mother of three boys, tragically lost her

Luis Palau, Jr.

Luis Palau, Jr. Philadelphia, PA Double-lung transplant recipient Luis Palau, Jr., an active husband and father of two, received a