Lukeman Harvey

Lukeman and Carolina Harvey Harrisburg, PA Kidney Recipient and Living Donor Lukeman Harvey, his wife Carolina and their three young

Laurie and Alan Grady

Laurie and Alan Grady Donor Families It was winter 2020 when Laurie and Alan Grady’s life changed forever – their

Vicki Piccotti

Vicki Piccotti Martins Creek, PA Cornea Recipient In the last decade, Vicki Piccotti has received two sight-restoring cornea transplants, allowing

Randolph Rahming

Randolph Rahming Heart Recipient With a long family history of heart disease, Bahamas native Randolph Rahming spent his young adult

Chance Dull

Chance Dull Donation Recipient Thirteen years ago, after being diagnosed with a rare fatal cancer, Chance Dull received the gift

Jameson McKain

Jameson McKain PA Heart transplant recipient Born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a condition that prevents the left side of

John Standard

John Standard Pittsburgh, PA Husband of organ donor After losing his wife Denise in 2015, John Standard realized that even

Diane Milbourne

Diane Milbourne Schwenksville, PA Wife of a donor More than twenty years ago, Diane Milbourne, of Schwenksville, PA, got a

Luis Palau, Jr.

Luis Palau, Jr. Philadelphia, PA Double-lung transplant recipient Luis Palau, Jr., an active husband and father of two, received a