The #HumanSide of Donation

Ninety-five percent of people claim to support organ donation, but only 46 percent of Pennsylvanians are registered organ donors. The impact from these donations spreads far and wide. And it does not go unnoticed. There’s a human side of organ and tissue donation. Come see their faces. Come hear their stories. Which side are you on?

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Brittany Grimm

Erie, PA


Not many people look back on their childhood and think of heart surgery. Ten years later, Brittany is living her life on her own terms. After a life-saving heart transplant at the age of 11, Brittany is in college and volunteers much of her time to the Center for Organ Recovery and Education.

Diane Milbourne

Schwenksville, PA


When a loved one passes away, that love can be passed along in the form of life, as a donor. And that’s exactly what happened when Diane’s husband, Ed, passed away. Almost two decades later, Diane finally got to meet the recipient of her husband’s kidney.

Donald Tucker

Allegheny, PA

LIVER Recipient

When Donald suddenly needed a liver transplant, his whole life changed. And so did his livelihood as a pastor at his local church. Following a successful liver transplant, Donald is back to work and is preaching organ donation.

Jenna Valle

Manheim, PA

Liver Recipient

It’s tough for a doctor to tell parents of a newborn that their daughter needs a feeding tube — even tougher when she needs a life-saving organ transplant. Luckily, Jenna’s life was saved by an organ donor and the brave decision of that child’s family. Years later, Jenna is living the life of a normal teenager and sharing her story for all.

Luke Ball

Butler, PA


Following an ultrasound that revealed a heart defect, Luke’s parents knew it would be an uphill battle. After several rounds of surgeries and medical setbacks, Luke didn’t just receive the gift of a life-saving heart transplant — he got his childhood back.

Lukeman Harvey

Harrisburg, PA

Kidney Recipient

After a three-year wait, Lukeman received his life-saving kidney transplant in the fall of 2017. From spending more time with his family to perfecting his next barbecue sauce, he can't wait to explore what his second chance at life holds for him.

Markita Lewis

Philadelphia, PA

MOTHER of a donor

Following the death of her son, Marquis, Markita turned her own tragedy into a miracle for other people. Markita has since met with and stays in touch with two of her son’s organ recipients. Today, she is a strong community advocate for organ and tissue donation.

Marleny Jimenez

Reading, PA


After Marleny experienced flu-like symptoms, doctors informed her that she had kidney failure. After a year of dialysis and waiting on the organ transplant list, she received a donation. It was from her other half —Fernando. Her boyfriend insisted on being her match in both life and in organ donation.

Michelle Hagerty

Erie, PA


Getting on the transplant list is half the battle — the other half is waiting. After a 15-month wait, Michelle's prayers were answered when she received a life-saving heart transplant. Her story is just one of thousands that epitomize the heroism of registering to be an organ and tissue donor.

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